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Using the new swine flu pandemic as an excuse not to be somewhere, like school.
Jeremy: Hey nig why weren't you at school?
Zack: I had swine flu.
Jeremy: Oh, you mean swine fluke you pussy.
by Justin Duong May 06, 2009
The swine flu "pandemic" in which little of the population was infected.
David: "About 36,000 people die from the normal flu every year. i'm thinking the swine flu pandemic is all hype."

Brock: "I know right? it's such a swine fluke."
by abweitl August 30, 2009
When someone is not feeling well or is home sick and another person tells everyone that they have the swine flu when they really dont.
John: "Betty stayed home today with a sore throat"
Natalie: "No I heard she actually has swine flu."
John: "No way! are you serious?"
Natalie: "No I am just spreading a swine fluke to scare everyone."
by BV4 May 06, 2009
when your school gets cancelled, and no one will make out with you because a mexican baby 2000 miles from you dies of swine flu
Dick: I have to have an extra week of school at the end of the year because of the swine fluke!
Harry: I know! i didn't get any ass this week.
by kundus May 11, 2009
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