swim team a place to mime and folk dance. A place where Henry the blue duck ravishly puddles in the Santa Monica arena. swim team a place where the cool kids hang everyday and frolick around the life gaurds. Sometimes the "cool kids" camp out and pretend to be hobos.
Annie and I are on the swim team...we camp out on the bleachers to infer that we are hobos
by Baboon December 06, 2004
If someone is referred to as being on the Swim Team, they are generally lifeless, ignorant, self-centered, sheltered females (males in some cases) who have a blatant disregard for any human life other than their own.
Oh shit that chick ruined you're life? Bitch must have been on the swim team. Don't sweat it dog.
by rythm70 November 08, 2004

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