While 69'ing with your girlfriend, you shove her head close to your anus and let out a wet fart on her face.
John gave Cindy a Swiffer Wet Jet
by JOhnnyWalrus November 27, 2011
Top Definition
The ultimate form of a duster.
Adam sucks so much at hockey he's such a swiffer wet jet.
by swifferwetjet1 January 31, 2011
Noun: When a couple is having sex girl on top. She then proceeds to urinate on his chest and rubs the urine in with her butt, somewhat in the motion of mopping the floor or a dog with fleas rubbing it's butt on the carpet.
Guy 1: Dude this girl was a freak she totally Swiffer Wet Jetted me.

Guy 2: Dude that's gross!.
by Agricai May 24, 2011
The act of doggy style penetration from behind in either the anus or vagina of a woman or man on hard wood floors. One pulls out moments before ejaculation and points ones penis at the floor roughly below the face of the target. One then cums and pulls the hands of the person receiving coitus at the same time. Slamming there face into the ejaculate and mopping up the ejaculate with their face and hair.
Zach- "She was giving me hell about cleaning the floors in my apartment so I swiffer wet jetted her right there."

Joey-"She give you anymore lip?"

Zach- "No apparently cum and blond hair do a pretty good job..."
by GasPumpGiver October 20, 2010
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