Removing sand with a barber's brush off naked ladies beach volleyball teams.
Me: Those hot naked beach volleyballers are in need of a good swiffing.
NG: I'll get my swiffer brush.
by DazzlerSAFC November 27, 2011
Top Definition
a Swiffer is a person who can easily pick up the desired sex. a Swiffer mostly works at drama festivals and other such events. however, a swiffer rarely moves in to get "some" , but merely contents him or her self with knowing that he/she could have done it. A swiffer who does get "some" is considered a swiffer wet , or a swiffer wetjet
"Dude, those girls were so digging you. SWIFFER"

"You're such a swiffer, dude"
"What are you talking about?"
"You SOOOOO picked up that chick from toronto"
by swiffer January 15, 2006
-a homosexual person
-something you clean your floor with
That guy is such a swiffer. I need a new swiffer, mine is broken.
by crystalini March 02, 2009
A god-like asshole that calls all shots in his whole social congregation at school. It does not matter if you hate him or not, you respect him for his intelectual superiority.
Does not ALWAYS know the answers, but is more that happy to teach his wisdom to those who seek it.
"Swiffer's last rant at the lunch table--you know, the one where he CR-Vd' me-- was The Tits!!!
by Brandon "Swiffer" A. February 25, 2005
Something that sounds dirty but isn't.
I like to swiffer on a daily basis.
by JenThe80'sFan May 03, 2004
when an unsuspecting female isgrabbed by the ankles nd used as a mop o clean man fluid off of the floor
What's that on the floor?
I don't know. I will clean it with a swiffer!
by Da' Hamma November 30, 2003
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