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A combination of the two words 'sweet' and 'spicy'

1) can be used to describe a the highly desirable and irresistible quality an individual exudes.

2) can be used to describe the taste of food

*the term is used to a much lesser degree for the latter rather than the former
Jemma: "oh my god, your boyfriend is so sweet... like sugar but then he's also spicy... like chilly... gorgeous and sexy"
Boyfriend's girl: "oh honey, i know... he is swicy"

ms anon: "You're so lovely... you exude swiciness, baby"
by ticklemeelmo11 June 16, 2010
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desirable irresistible spicy sweet
Its spicey, its sweet you wanna lick it but it hurts!
by anonymous May 09, 2003
0 1
sexy sweet spicy as jalepenos

A bunch of gurls i know are so swicy
by Scooby May 06, 2003
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sweet and spicy
Richard is swicy but dont tell rachel
by anonymous May 01, 2003
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