a slut, only in that it sounds like you are saying "What?", as if you were asking a question. Great for when there are teachers around and you already have five detentions under your belt!

Guy 1: Hey, look at that girl with all those guys, I bet she's gonna get a flogging tonight!

Guy 2: That's becuase she's a Swhat!

Naive Teacher: Wha? Oh, okay, never mind.
by Wild Oaks November 02, 2009
Top Definition
Short for Say What!
Did you see that amazing goal? Answer: Swhat!
by LLCOOLE October 29, 2011
an abbreviation for the phrase " so what" used widely by many north americans
principal:youve missed half the days classes!
boy: s-what!?!
by juan rubio March 14, 2005
Combined words - that's what
S'what I mean man..
by Terra October 17, 2003
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