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When you are down look to the heavens to the god that is Swegbeanz.
What is a swegbeanz you might ask? Well once upon a time there was a boy called sweenbeanz, He tweeted and developed swag. As his swag levels increased so did his dick and he was rocking a 13 inch bad boy. As all these "swagfags" came along, Mr Sweenbeanz said "stahp y u do dis 2 me i yolo hrdr den ne 1 else who saiz thay hv swag u al gay fgts" and than lost all his swag and got sweg a stronger and mor swaggy swag.
His sweg got to him and he became swegbeanz
Praise Swegbeanz, The one god They sweggy one , Swegbeanz
by Sweenbeanz October 14, 2013
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