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A deliciously sweet herbaceous hypotrophic hallucinogen commonly smoked, though it can be ingested, snorted or rubbed.
I just got a new promotion and now I have to do actual work. I gotta get some sweetmouth or my heads gonna explode.
by killaKatX3000spaceExplora August 04, 2009
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sweet words coming from a person's mouth to make you smile. sweetmouth waits for the person to describe the illnes and sweetmouth will prescribe the cure.
oh she has such a sweetmouth!
by roline September 16, 2007
when a dude always knows the right thing to tell or say to the girl even when hes lying. his game and words are just on point and you end up believing

the bullshit guys tell girls when there trynna resolve the situation
i always believe dwayne even wheni know hes lying but his sweet mouth is so good
by black poca October 19, 2009
Used to define an undescribably good situation.
That chicks tits are so sweetmouth.

The Jets Defense just won me a fantasy championship. Sweetmouth!
by Daddy Koul January 06, 2010

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