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A plea bargain lawyers negotiate with a criminal to get him or her to roll over on a bigger fish. Usually a lighter sentence and witness relocation is offered.
The Tran brothers could've gotten 20 to life for their involvement on the shooting but the prosecutors gave them a sweetheart deal if they testified against crimelord Peter Chong.
by June 29, 2008
The most glorious of all overtime shifts. The power engineer gets 12 hours double time plus the next shift off with pay. Also known as the convenience deal. It makes you want to say, "f*ck yeah!... all the way to the bank.
Tonight I got called for a sweetheart deal. F*ck yeah!!!!!!
by Mattzy September 19, 2016
A sweetheart deal or sweetheart contract is an abnormally favorable contractual arrangement. A particularly lucrative golden parachute could be an example of a type of sweetheart deal, where it is not in the best interests of the stockholders.
The developer who's friends with Councilman X got a sweetheart deal from city council for his upcoming project.
by Walter_White June 13, 2016
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