The act of dipping ones testicles in sugar, and smearing them across your opponents face.
Man 1: I cannot believe Brad Sweet Tea'd me at last nights party, I still have sugar in my hair.
Man 2: Yeah, it was totally SWEET.
Man 1: Shut up.
by theteamonster January 06, 2011
southern drink....specially in the area of Tennesse...where the hot bitches is known that by drinking this beverage it will give an avarage girl the power of being hot...also gives you an awesome souther accent...but the word can be used as "cool" or "sweet" on any ocation..
that party was sweet tea

look at that sweet tea car

tara you know that you are the most sweet tea girl
by neco suave June 05, 2006
The drink of choice for the low class. Extremely low quality tea with a pound of sugar per cup. Also known as, rot your teeth out tea, and we wonder why southerners have such nasty teeth.
"Y'all wanna go yander and get sum sweet tea?"
"Okay, afterward well watch some nascar and hook up with our sisters!"
by soluguard April 14, 2009

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