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A girl that has a curvaceous backside, it's so voluptuous that you just want to rub your face all in it.
Wow, Kasey's got some sweet cheeks, I just want to rub butter all over them and eat them all up.
by EPaulD October 31, 2010
Migert's way of saying:
1) Cutie
2) Man
3) I'm attracted to you
When Migert met Jerin, he said "nice to meet you sweet cheeks!
by Migert February 03, 2005
nickname of Jon Ashenbaugh, who is the basis of most jokes, trade rumors, and song requests of a sports talk radio show at Purdue hosted by roommates Milk and Danny.
Jon is the infamours sweetcheeks. -2
by the Smoot master February 21, 2006
usually a name given by gang-banging jail inmates to tiny inmates made into their bitches
Big John calls Little Joe-Joe the cross-dressing faggot "sweet cheeks". Joe-Joe is such a bitch!
by OD July 01, 2004
a person who has big cheeks. they are squeezable and they should have a dimple to be cute
man that girl has some sweet cheeks
by carkelly May 29, 2008
To add special toppings such as chocolate, or prosting to a ladies ass, and lick off the topping.
The sweetcheeks i had last night was awsome it went perfect for the moment
by Dan (A-UNIT) April 12, 2005
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