an insult derived from a compliment to a woman with a nice ass. when directed towards a male who has spent time in the slammer it implies that he was fucked up the ass by bubba, hence "sweet ass"
joe: you couldn't punch thru a wet paper bag, sweet ass!
jerome: come and say that to my face, motherfucker
by rangi thomson February 03, 2007
An adjective describing how you feel about something being the best thing ever
Newman: Did you get those tickets?
Dave: Yea sure did.
Newman: Sweetass. I'm stoked to see the game.
by Bigo Cheese February 04, 2010
Really sweet and nice, while at the same time a total badass. Usually describes someone you are attracted to.
He's soooooooo irresistible because he is such a sweetass guy.
by Ellen H. February 07, 2009
Noun: A man/woman in which everything they say, though well-intentioned, is often offensive.
Tim: "Hey, Jane, is that 'diet' you're drinking?"
Jane: "You're an ass."
Tim: "I was just trying to connect with you!"
Jane: "Sorry, you're a sweet ass."
by theoriginalsanta February 25, 2011
Term often used at College Misericordia, used mainly by the female population to explain either (a) how awesome something is, or (b) an affectionate term towards your friends.
(a) "Hey, i just found 20 bucks down in the Den"

(b) "Heyyyy bitttch"
"Heyyy sweetass"
by anona July 07, 2006
a girl whose ass hole tastes sweet. she literally has a "sweet ass".
Kelly's apple bottom tastes sweet! Kelly literally has a sweet ass!
by DJCoop December 04, 2007
sweet ass is refered to stan charies hott cousin
wow stan your cousins' sweet ass was great last night
by big nasty jones March 13, 2004

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