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The coolest thing ever.
Something you say that you think is awesome, or jus fuckin cool.
Dude, thats fucking sweet tarts!

You just got stoned, thats fuckin sweet tarts!
by Andrea Pitz April 20, 2006
9 12
The best candy in the world. They come in many flavors such as green yellow and blue. They are also available in different sizes and with collectable murchandise.
i love sweet tarts, they can fix any problem when used properly.
by gawdeenie March 04, 2005
32 8
A popular college drink made with Everclear, Sunkist, and 5 packages of whatever flavor kool-aid tickles your fancy. Empty out 1/3 of the bottle of Sunkist, and pour in Everclear. Gently add all 5 packages of kool-aid. Mix gently, then get fucked up.
After drinking that sweet tart, I was shit faced.
by university of texas college girls October 31, 2007
20 7
When a woman puts a finger in herself and then puts the same finger in a man's mouth to give him a taste.
The stripper gave me a sweet tart.
by cockgobbler90 November 11, 2013
0 0
nut that has dried up in a persons asshole
Travis Stone had a sweet-tart from sergio the other night, when it came out it looked like a sweet tart
by nick burg October 02, 2003
3 5
A pussy that tastes both sweet and tangy.
I was sugar high after eating out that sweet tart.
by Ganga June 23, 2005
11 18
Referring to the Vagina.

or the Vaginal region.

Used when Parents are around so they do not understand.
Oh baby, I want your Vagina so badly,
but i cant Vagina around my parents.

So i want your sweet tarts, baby.
by Laurene December 04, 2007
10 19