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A small dog held inside a hot chick's fall coat. Often sticking its head out, looking helpless, but really thinking, "You're not cute enough to get up in this chick's sweater and you know it! BUT I AM A LITTLE DOGGIE SO I CAN!"
Dude, check out the sweater puppy in that chick's coat!
by AaronS July 27, 2008
Perky tits under a sweater.
Damn, she has some nice sweater puppies.
by Matt Sharp October 11, 2003
Large, firm breasts.
That cum-dumpster Jessica Simpson sure has some pert sweater puppies!
by Slick Dick Lick/Gerber Baby June 18, 2004
01.) The warm titties of a female
Dude, I had my face all over those sweater puppies!
by IndustrialHaze August 04, 2008
Look at the sweater puppies in that kennel.
by 4thirty September 19, 2008
A young woman's delightfully shaped firm round lovely breasts.
Hannah Montanna has a cute pair of sweater puppies!
by hanksbeer August 20, 2008