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1. Sweater Gang, better known as SGOGN (Sweater Gang or Get Naked), is the thuggest gangs of the gangs out right now. SGOGN will rule the world sooner or later, and take over the mainstream media to there demand.

2. Word used to describe awesomeness; swag.

3. Phrase to say when something extraordinary has just occurred within the time period.
1. Damn bro, did you just see SGOGN?

2. Hot damn, Gary sure does have that Sweater Gang status.

3. HOLY SWEATER GANG! That was amazing!!!
by BigDGary October 24, 2011
A group of baller ass kids who party harder than anyone else around. They wear sweaters all day every day and look damn good in them.

The classiest group of badass party kids you'll ever meet
Sweater gang was at that party last night and it got outta control!
by OG Sweata May 30, 2011
a group of young people that wear sweaters and do whatever they want. by definition, a gang is "a group of youngsters or adolescents who associate closely, often exclusively, for social reasons, especially such a group engaging in delinquent behavior." so yes infact we call ourself the sweater GANG because thats exactly what we do. this isnt a gang with stupid ass fake thugs and wangsters like most GANGS.
guy 1 "damn did you see that dude with all those girls around him"

guy 2 "yeah man, he was wearing a pretty dope sweater. he must be in that sweater gang"
by sweater crew December 28, 2011
The trillist guys from the class of 2015 through out Charleston, SC. They are bonded by a love of sweaters,music,partying and various other activities. Their motto is "Sweater gang or chill with big Lurch"
Girl 1: Omg, isnt he in sweater gang
Girl 2: yea, isnt that so cool

Big Lurch: Oh yea
by BigLurch12 January 09, 2012

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