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A CareBear gone evil. Hobbies include smoking rollies, vandalizing property, and cussing your ass out.
My biggest fear is that in the middle of the night my CareBear will be transformed into a SwearBear.
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007
A phrase used to make a promise.
You can't lie on a swear bear
Jack: Dude, I just boned Megan Fox.
Austin: Really?!
Jack: Swear bear.
Austin: Holy Sht.
by GetWizzled January 07, 2012
The best little bear that u can have (normally a keychain). You press them they cuss. XD
Me: Hey guys check out Tourettes the swear bear (I named him Tourettes)
Joey: Wut's a swear bear?
by Dirge February 01, 2005
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