To be really hot or fresh, also drunk, comes from the D-Dawgs song "Swayze
We dont get drunk we get swayze
by B-80 June 10, 2006
To be swayze, (v)
Intr., To feel or function suberbly well.Primarily used in sexual or emotional context.

Swayze, (adj)Extremely good or well, more emphatic than 'tight.' Derived from 'to be swayze',v.
I just got paid, AND just hooked up with that girl from down the street. Kid, I'm swayze.
by The Second August 16, 2004
alright, ok, awesome, ridiculous
"Run from the police, picture that
nigga I'm too fat, i fuck around and catch a asthma attack
that's why I bust back, It don't phase me
when he drop take his glock and I'm swayze
celebrete my escape sold the glock bust some weight
Lay back I got some money to make
-Notorious B.I.G.
by BurgaMan June 23, 2005
To be inefficient at various activities to the point whence surrounding crowds would rather watch Dirty Dancing than associate with said event.
Dude, this curling match is totally Swayze.
by Ford Adams August 24, 2004
v: To be on the receiving end of sexual intercourse or a sexually charged encounter.
Oh snap son! You just got swayzed!

Dude, they just totally swayzed all over your desk.
by Boiler Bro Joe May 10, 2004
See I'm Swayze.
I'm Swayze wayzeeeeee
by Fangsta December 15, 2003
Noun (can also be an adjective)

A pedophile; pervert
Dave: Hey, did you see that guy who met up with that girl online on 'To Catch a Predator'?
Mark: Yeah man, that guy is such a swayze, picking up young girls like that.
by Greg Peterson October 03, 2006

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