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as in Patrick Swayze. Ghost star.
a really fit girl. when she is around, say "my word, she is a swayze" or "dude, swayze?" etc and its fine. she wont notice. but guys might.
dude 1: "DUDE. SWAYZE?"
dude 2: "fuck yeah!"

by matt hancox May 14, 2007
3 17
Verb. It means to strike someone on the upper body with a pool cue, which typically results in snapping the cue. This a common tactic in seedy bar fights.
All Jon said was that he had pretty eyes and the guy flipped out and swayze'd him.
by c falko May 19, 2007
0 15
I'm styling, I'm the best, I'm out of here, I'm untouchable

" Check it, I grew up a fuckin screwup, got introduced to the game, got an ounce and fuckin blew up, choppin rocks over night, the nigga biggie smalls tryin to turn into the black Frank White. We had to grow dreads to change our description, two cops is on the milk box missin, showed their toes, you know they got stepped on, a fist full of bullets a chest full of teflon, that's why I bust back, it don't phase me, when he drop, take his glock and I'm swayze, celebrate my escape, sold the glock, bought some weight, lay back I got some money to make , motha fucka.
by Danibel October 28, 2008
2 19
A guy who likes to get off on hand-dryers in the bathroom. Also known as dirty-dancing with the hand-dryer.
Man, that guy totally pulled a swayze in the bathroom.
by Someguy6901 April 09, 2007
4 22
homoerotic; pertaining to men who like to dress in spandex and dance. homosexual, gay; designated to take "gay" as a reference out of the language as meaning "stupid".
"I think John Travolta might be Swayze"; "The Notebook might be the Swayziest movie ever". "I'm not Swayze, not that there's anything wrong with that".
by The Allstar October 31, 2007
0 22
somone or something that is smooth or cool
i.e. "Damn did you see that dance move that shit was swayze"

i.e. "Damn did you hear Marques talking to that girl?, that foo is swayze."
19 42
To be really hot or fresh, also drunk, comes from the D-Dawgs song "Swayze
We dont get drunk we get swayze
by B-80 June 10, 2006
6 34