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VERY IMPRESSIVE; super awesome act or feat most likely realting to the late actor Patrick Swayze.
It was so Swayze when you ripped that guys adams apple out!!
by Nerd's & BBQ's September 24, 2009
Originating from the celebrity Patrick Swayze. Swayze is adjective used to describe a noun in it's most utmost & positive form.
Person A: Dude, I just bought this new jacket for my date tonight. Do you think she'll like it?

Person B: Definitely, you're gonna look swayze!

Person A: A-Rod just hit another home run, that guy's a beast.

Person B: I know, he's pretty swayze.

Person A: Did you hear the new DMB cd?

Person B: Are you kidding me? I can't stop listening to it. One word comes to mind when I hear it, "Swayze".
by iamabeefcake@aol.com September 15, 2009
It represents the purest and holiest form of cool ever imaginable. Something that is swayze is like sitting on a cloud getting a full body massage from some angels. To be swayze is to be on parallel with rapture.
Having your earlobe licked by a tiny kitten while Sigur Ros plays in the background softly at first and then gradually louder and the smell of thick french toast with extra syrup wafts into your nostrils as it is served to you in bed would be a totally swayze way to start the day.


"Did you see that dude's pimp white loafers?"
"Yeah, those were swayze!"
by Happy Birthday Bif November 02, 2006
usually good guys. and most of them have dogs, a brother and sister, and two parents. the average guy, with a clean haircut and a desire for secrecy.
i wish i was a swayze they r so kewl
by mark pivinski August 10, 2008
extreme hotness, sexiness!

like the song and movie dirty dancing!

as in..."she's soo swayze, like sexy"!
by TruCalling February 21, 2009
see you later......
peace I'm out....
catch you on the flipside....
(sometimes used with the 2 finger-middle and pointer- peace gesture)
John- Later dude
Mike- Swayze bro
by Brendan December 09, 2003
To be groped involuntarily in a very sexual manner, then suddenly find one's self enjoying the experience to varied extent.
I was at the bar the other night and this creepy guy introduced himself and then totally swayzied me. I started to throw my drink in his face but ended up going home with him instead.

"Man, when they started to jam that ricky martin tune, I went straight up to nancy and went Swayze on her, she acted all indignant, but I know she loved it."
by toemoss August 22, 2008