An alcoholic beverage made with vodka, soda water, and a gentle splash of cranberry. It looks gay, but it will fuck you up!
Bartender: "What are you drinking?"

Bryce: "Wendy, get me a Swayze please!"
by Finalform October 21, 2009
A joint rolled in a transparent rolling paper.
"Let's smoke a Swayze!"
by zzzzzz155883 March 17, 2014
awesome, sick, ill, cool, amazing, fly, swag, boss
yo check out my new shirt, it's so swayze
by zeetmon April 14, 2011
To get reckless as fuck by either taking lots of drug or consuming lots of alcohol
Yo got this captain bottle and finnin to get swayze as fuck.
by Johnyjohnington July 13, 2014
Swagged-out, wild, and crazy
That dude has so much swayze

That car is swayzie
by dibrikisha November 21, 2010
An especially wrinkled and gaunt looking scrotum and its contents, often seen poking out when old men decide to go "commando" in shorts.
Paul: that's the last time I ever use the change room at the gym with an old man around.

Tim: why's that?

Paul: He bent over to dry his feet and I got a square look at the mankiest set of swayzes ever.
by grouchojust April 04, 2009
Bad Ass, Dank, Awesome to the 10th degree, Don't care about rules and regulations, For Real
Person 1: I had the best time with this girl last night, nothing terrible happened she was cool drank beers and didn't throw up on me
Person 2: In other words that shit was swayze
Person 1: Yes, no other word could describe it
by Doublicious December 13, 2012

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