I'm styling, I'm the best, I'm out of here, I'm untouchable

" Check it, I grew up a fuckin screwup, got introduced to the game, got an ounce and fuckin blew up, choppin rocks over night, the nigga biggie smalls tryin to turn into the black Frank White. We had to grow dreads to change our description, two cops is on the milk box missin, showed their toes, you know they got stepped on, a fist full of bullets a chest full of teflon, that's why I bust back, it don't phase me, when he drop, take his glock and I'm swayze, celebrate my escape, sold the glock, bought some weight, lay back I got some money to make , motha fucka.
by Danibel October 28, 2008
Top Definition
Comes from actor Patrick Swayze's last name. It means to “leave” or “disappear,” derived from the title of his 1990 hit film “Ghost” starring Patrick Swayze.
As soon as he shot his gun, we was swayze.
by AC December 27, 2005
ghost, outta here, gone.
Awwwww nooooo...I know that's not a dude giving head...sick...this party literally "blows"...I'm swayze.
by Nick D April 01, 2003
Swayze means gone or out.
insane crazy drivin' miss daisy
how the fuck am i? now i got mine i'm swayze
by axiskid4 May 30, 2005
used the same way as the slang 'bounce.' to leave. comes from the movie Ghost starring Patrick Swayze.
Notorious BIG, "big booty hoes"- you must be crazy, squirt in your face and then I'm swayze
by swiizzzy July 10, 2008
gone, dissappeared, a GHOST.
I'm swayze.
by Celeste May 25, 2003
A joint rolled in a transparent rolling paper.
"Let's smoke a Swayze!"
by zzzzzz155883 March 17, 2014
The act of placing an arm(s) elbow(s) or hand(s) on a stationary object with the intent to attract a mate in a public venue. A move perfected by Patrick Swayze to attract the attraction of females which worked 100% of the time. Variables and interpretations of the Swayze are always encouraged (ie, Single Swayze or Standard Swayze, Double Swayze, Cowboy Swayze, Chuck Norris Swayze, Ninja Swayze etc.)
Posting up with 1 hand on a beam and the other on your belt buckle is a Cowboy Swayze

"Did you see Mark just Swayze that chick."

"Oh yeah. Probably one of the meanest Swayze's I've ever seen"
by Belt1 January 06, 2013
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