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Similar to the term "Cat Flaps".

This adjective is used to identify the portion of a cats stomach that sways back and forth during motion. This is differentiated by the term "Cat Flaps" in that 1. There is a noticeable sway movement of the cats underbelly and 2. This almost always correlates to cats who are obese or have undergone cat fixing surgery at too young of an age.

These cats are typically so bothered by their obvious bad form that they often continue to eat away their problems resulting in enormous sway belly.

The sound associated with sway belly is that of a "Flop, flop, flop, flop" noise.
That cat's sway belly is rocking so hard I think it's going to cause a seismic shift.

Have you seen Stellar Kittie's sway belly lately?

Wow, look at that sway belly.
by Stellar Kitty March 06, 2011
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