For a complete definition, see the deleted scenes from Spike Lee's 25th Hour. (Does not lend itself to paraphrasing.)

"Sway helps you make money and money helps make you sway. But sway is not money."
"Sway is walking into the best five star restaurant in the city, without a reservation and being seated immediately."
by MDMcLena August 15, 2005
Top Definition
A ultimate rank of perfection and freshness that only certain individuals hit.
Matt Miller is Sway.
by Matt Miller January 14, 2004
Sway is everything that swag is plus more.Sway is having swag plus a big hairy pair of balls that sway back and forth when you're struttin' your swag.
Sway is like swag plus or swag 2.0.It's swag except it sway better.
by wolfbait51 April 23, 2011
Sway, rapper from of the best out there

hit Flo Fashion'

known for his flow which is unique to other rappers out there.

one of Sway's punchlines
"black people dont even live in houses, they live in their anoraks, apparently..THE HOOD"
by Yasa January 14, 2006
cool, someone can be sway or something article of clothing can be sway
Those sunglasses are sway.
John is pretty sway.
by TheSwayGuy July 10, 2008
the best english rapper of all time, beating the game and 50 cent to best rap artist MOBO (Music of black origin) before even the release of his first album and winner of the first ever BET (black entertainment TV) award for best british rap artist beating plan B and Dizzee Rascal. Uses clever word play and jocular lyrics in a style not disimilar to gangsta rapper twista. commonly refered to as the 2pac of english rap. signed to his own label dcypha productions.
sways lyrics- half these rappers couldn't see me comeing if they were vaginas with specticles. (hype boys)
- where there's a will there's a way and where there's a way there's a sway behind the wheel tryin to get away. (up your speed part II ft. chammillionaire)
by keepitreal24/7 November 21, 2006
"He's on the sway"
"Just going to go pick up some sway bro"
by carey_ January 10, 2010

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