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(Noun) Sw-ah-tees. In reference to a female with delectable breasts. The name is derived from sweet, ass and titties.
Your friend walks into bar with a low-cut shirt on.

Friend: Hey party people!

You: Wow, nice SWATTIES!!
by Taradice August 19, 2007
3 10
A student who goes to Swarthmore College.
Look at those swatties saving the world. Sweet.
by Swatt1es August 29, 2009
21 1
Nickname for the Swatara River in central Pennsylvania.
After the party got busted we grabbed a couple cases of Natty and headed down by the Swatty.
by Nick D February 19, 2004
35 25
The moment of ejaculation from one mans penis into another mans ass resulting in a "cumshot" of the anal
" hey man i just fucked you in the ass "

a swatty
by hahahahah az September 04, 2003
18 11
when u get a guy to suck u off, then do ur 'thing' into ur hand, and slap him in the face with it... *swatt*
he gave him a swatty!!
by Swoosh August 24, 2003
14 7
gay cunt
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
12 8
Captain of Modification clan Cardinal Sin |sin|, a true hero in his time, swatty.|sin|
by negonthat August 24, 2003
8 6
ever wanted a walking pineapple plantation, then swatty is your man
also useful if you need to impale someone
bombs "your hair looks like a pineapple"
swatty "yes"
by bomberman August 24, 2003
5 4