A person origining from the South Western area of Houston known as SWAT.
Look at that guy, you can definitely tell he's a swatter.
#swat #swater #s.w.a.t. #houston #south west
by A.C.M.K. # 23 July 13, 2009
Top Definition
A white boy who stays at home in his moms basement who calls the SWAT Team to raid a persons house.
You heard about that stupid, troll, and fuck boy swatter?
#swat #swatter #polic #e troll #white people
by NigTard January 15, 2015
A person who makes false/deliberately exaggerated reports to the police regarding a crime committed or a disaster occurring, usually via 911. In most states, doing so is a criminal offense.
The stupid swatter reported a verbal argument to the police as a fight in progress with weapons drawn.

Related Words: false deliberately exaggerated reports policecrime disaster911 criminal offense
by Disillusioned Dem October 22, 2015
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