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Pronounced Swant-er
Verb- To Swant

Defn Swaying Banter. The Banter that you give to others(and yourself) when you are game-over drunk. You may often find yourself uncontrollably swaying back and forth you've consumed so much alcoholic beverage.

A sure-fire way to attaining Swanter is via a lethal concoction known as Hulk originating historically from Northern England in the 21st century. Vodka, Wkd, and relentless energy drink with a ratio of 1:2:2 and served in a household bucket (preferably clean-ish)

Warning side effects of Hulk may include: Life-ruining consequences, self-Swanter, Nights in the A&E, Scarring,Terrier Tales, Having sex with borderline jailbait, Forgetting to peg your tent down correctly, thinking that you are in fact Irish, running home without telling people where you've gone & many other side-effects.
Please consult your practitioner before consuming.
Man1: Man 2 Where've you been?
Man2: Just been on a ride with a girl who was a 2/10 randomer, cost me £8, must be swaying..
Man 1: Ahh good swanter
by SwantTheLad September 04, 2011
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