The worst school in the county,state,country, and the whole world for that matter.All strung together with potheads,every single race in the world, and then the worst football team ever.
"So how many people are skipping school today."
"Did the team win last night,no,thought so."
"Swansea High School suxs"
by ~Mercenary~ December 20, 2008
Top Definition
School in the town of Swansea, South Carolina. Filled with sluts, Jews, wiggers, and posers. Kids hang out in the bathrooms to smoke cigarettes or sabatini themselves. The niggers stick together like a pack of ravaging coyotes out to eat white kids alive. The teachers are often scared to death of the children due to their poor up-bringing and trashy ways.
Did you see that white trash? He must be from Swansea High School.
by Posers-R-Us February 01, 2005
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