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A swamp, a swamp of tampons usually due to an influx of women who use only one bathroom whereby constant inundation and carelessness overwhelmes the toilets and trash capacities.
Custodian: Damn. I call off one day and find a swampon going on in the ladies room?
Jane Fonda: How do you mean?

Custodian: You never noticed? Whenever you feminists, or any large gathering of women come together for that matter, you all sync up your periods and over flow the toilets and the trash receptacles creating a veritable swamp of tampons...a swampon. I've seen it before.

Jane Fonda: Good. Then clean it...and add this to the swampon so you have a place to stand. (Thuwamp) :::: Jane further contributes to the mess with her own.
by saint scams July 08, 2012
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Its like a tampon for men. Its a pad that goes on the grundle which prevents sweaty nutsacks, and reduces the stench that may form in the grundle region whenever it gets swampy down there.
Gary, wanna run to the guys room? I need a swampon, i'm starting to get a little sweaty and stinky down there.
by Somers NY October 28, 2009
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a napkin that absorbs sweat from armpit glads in order to prevent sweat patches.
it was a hot day, and in order to avoid being a turn-off amongst the ladies, i decided to put on my swampon

swampons seemed like the perfect alternative to manitary pads
by wildcatulattice August 24, 2009
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