Descriptive for less than average looking bird when out on the pull.
Oh Dear look at the state of her! She's a right "Swampdonkey"
by Ian Thomas October 09, 2003
An ugly girl who is fuckable
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
Someone who sucks at Basketball
Robby is a SwampDonkey
by JackTheMack February 25, 2006
someone who is seriously ugly and needs urgent plastic surgery if dey r gonna gat anywhere in life without people sayin "urrgh u r a minger/swampdonkey"
Sienna is a swampdonkey and chesseburger is one too.
by SAZNGRACE July 19, 2006
the product of two ugly ass people having a child
damn jeremy and heathers baby looks like a swamp donkey.
by the man February 16, 2005
A very ugly, usually fat guy who hangs around in bars and clubs waiting to sexually assault females who are too drunk to defend themselves
derrick is a swamp donkey!
by hermanator1234 January 29, 2015
a swift footed swamp ass slut that sleeps with every hairy, dick, and sometimes cool cats known as toms, and some may rock a mushroom top
"So i tell the swamp donkey to sock it before i give her a trunk in the treys' mans' entrance and have her lick me apples". On a Euro trip
by Ana.L November 13, 2014

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