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A person, man or woman, whose personal grooming habits are comparable to that of a baboon and whose abode is so cluttered and foul as to illicit the response, "Damn SWAMPDONKEY!! Hose yourself off." or "Damn SWAMPDONKEY!! Clean up that cesspool you live in."
He's so foul, he's a swampdonkey.
by Ryan Whaley July 15, 2003
A female Bereft of Physical beauty;
tug boat; boiler; sea monster; steg
by Daxxler February 05, 2003
a girl that's fugly
guh! look at her--swamp donkey in a major way!
by Boomer December 11, 2001
A cum dumpster. Usually disgusting. Was previously hot before she became a huge slut that wears WAY TOO MUCH make up.
She was cute until she turned into a swamp donkey.
by TeddyW September 14, 2010
An ugly, very obese female who can easily be mistaken for a man at times who attends parties they are not invited to for the sole purpose of trying to get with a man who is too trashed to defend himself. Swamp Donkeyness tends to start in high school due to rejection and continues throughout adulthood. Due to a lack of self-esteem, this female, as soon as she gets a hold of a man, will run off any and ALL of his friends regardless of their sex. She will grab him by the balls but continue to give him no pussy. Extremely jealous individual who will do anything to get a rise out of other females. Takes everything personal, even in the work place. This bitch is repulsive and will accuse everyone around them of being fake. Hopefully, if one of your friend's does get involved with this kind of an individual, they will realize she is a fat, ugly, worthless piece of shit and come crawling back to you apologizing and begging for forgiveness, but don't count on it. Swamp Donkey's will do anything to get their way... except put out.
This Swamp Donkey approached me at the bar, but I wasn't wasted enough, and I never will be.
by Here's your RISE September 06, 2010
A girl that could look like an half shark half man alligator.. But alas, tis a donkey knee deep in your sisters cocksucker.. Donkey=dick, Swamp=your sisters bad breath and looks..

Yo, maing.. That betty you gave the boots to last night was the a swamp donkey straight out of wild kingdom maing, I'm fucking telling you!
by StarJonessBooty February 23, 2009
A fat, red headed, freckled face, glasses wearing, fat cankled, flip flop wearing, upsidedown smile having, buck toothed, overbitten, frizzy haired, pork roast eat'in, librarian look'in, drunken potato mash'in, embarrassment of a female lump of SHIT.
I can't believe that DAN married that Fuck'in "SWAMP DONKEY" Amanda ! That's So Fuck'in CHEEZY !
by DISCUSTED and REPULSED January 09, 2009