A large North American, hippo/man creature. Has several strange odors, and emits a fowl smell of death. The creature will often invite himself on things, and often is made fun of, because of it's large girth.
The swamp donkey lives alone!
by Colfax's Accountants October 15, 2004
A swamp donkey is aparticularly unattractive girl with an appearance not unlike a donkey, with the horrible stench of a swamp. Possibly.
My god, look at that swamp donkey. She is foul!
by Michael Newman October 10, 2004
Swamp Donkey means a really ugly girl
Its a horrible looking woman who looks like a donkey and crawled from the swamp
look at the state at that swamp donkey
by Mark Mc Garvey May 27, 2004
Extremely repulsive/hideous woman.
I woke up in the morning after a big night next to the ultimate swamp donkey.
by claudia February 27, 2004
Fat, ugly, smelly, nasty bitch with yellow snaggle teeth and horrible breath. Usually works part time as a janitor in the local elementary school and drives around town in a piece o shit car.
"Do your sister's really hang out with the swamp donkey?"
"Umm... NO!"
by Guzzy February 05, 2004
a dread head party girl who drinks vodka till the cows come home and falls over and rolls in the mud >>> ( most are called alex)
by jon June 03, 2003
a girl that's fugly
guh! look at her--swamp donkey in a major way!
by Boomer December 11, 2001

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