There's folks that call "moose," swamp donkeys in B.C. Canada. How ever, the play on words takes it back to the previous entries, as in: "I'm gonna give her a swamp donkey punch." which of course leads to having seen a B.C. Snow Dragon.
Did you see any swamp donkeys on the way here?
by Tiff E. August 20, 2010
Any female predator lingering about bars and nightclubs (or house parties, uninvited) where they prey upon innocent, unwilling, and unfortunate young men who are too inebriated to save themselves from the impending rape at the clutches of a terrible fate. They are large, nasty, dirty, smelly and have no decent features at all. They have no self-respect or dignity, and do not have the decency to lay down and die.

Roughly three out of four carry at least one STD, but two of those do not show symptoms. At least one of every eight is actually a man with a tiny penis.

In no cases can a swamp donkey ever look good, even with the worst case of beer goggles.

Ways to remain safe include swamp out, aka wamp out.
While out on the town, a good, trustworthy wingman (or sober friend) to keep the group safe.

Swamp Donkey: also known as wamp or wamper.
I'm lucky I have wonderful friends or that Swamp Donkey may have snagged me!
by Pincco September 14, 2009
Groupies, Sluts, Group of skanks that swarm the bars
"Dude, I need some poon, where's all the swamp donkeys?"
by Mel Chappell December 14, 2008
Intoxicated on beer/cider, white pants with black g-string riding up, with large deposits of bulging back fat, one eye closing on its own accord. Too many teeth jammed into its mouth.
Friday night in a town of 2000 people
by Sally March 18, 2004
Large brown animal that roams the northern woods, wetlands. Bulls have antlers and beards. A.K.A. moose.
Guy 1: Ya i shot my swamp donkey right at the swamp by Earls house.

Guy 2: Really i saw this big black thing out there bout 15 minutes ago had a thick rear end on it

Guy 1: Musta been Earls old lady
by T Morton February 27, 2008

1)A very unattractive female.

2)A slang term for 'moose' in parts of New England and Canada.

3)A person at a party whose alcoholism and self-loathing climax in a rampage of solo mosh dancing, belligerent taunts, and a thin veneer of sweat, saliva, and vomit.
1) John tried to fix me up with a his swamp donkey cousin, I was drunk and desperate enough yet smart enough to do it Coyote Style.

2) I decided to ignore the swamp donkey crossing sign during their mating season... the Abercrombie beast climbed on top of my car and wrecked it with humping motions.

3)Sorry I was such a swamp donkey last night, but could you please bail me out of jail?
by The Commodore June 21, 2007
In Canada a Swamp Donkey is a Moose.
We were out hunting the other day and we didn't see one Swamp Donkey.
by stevecanada May 26, 2007
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