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See also: bar slut
See also: cumdumpster
See also: run-thru
Did you seriously let that swamp donky s your d? I hear that boozy broad is allllll teeth.
#swampdonky #swampdonkie #swamp donkie #bar slut #ho #cumdumpster #run-thru
by Party @ The BLVD July 18, 2008
A old friends old lady, they used to be fun separate but together have both turned into..... Swamp Donky's

just because she inherited a house doesn't make her worthy and you both act like you inherited the casino royal!
Oops I think he met the wrong girl at the wrong time!, Swamp Donky's, Swamp Donkies
#swamp #donky's #donkies #darren #kelly
by criznaig December 31, 2013
SwampDonky is a San Francisco Bay Area rock band with a sound that is pure rock with a modern feel, hard & edgy at times, funky & bluesy at others. The end result is a sound that integrates melodic sensibility with a healthy dose of old-school guitar-riff-laden drivin' grooves.

SwampDonky is a fan-favorite on the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, appearing at several venues including the Great American Music Hall, 12 Galaxies, Rockit Room, Grant & Green, Beale Street Bar, Fat City, Blakes on Telegraph, the Time Out, and Rooster’s Roadhouse.

SwampDonky was formed in 2006, and has released two albums: Off The Hook in 2009 and All Over The Map in 2007.
SwampDonky really tore it up at the concert last night.

Have you heard of that rock band, SwampDonky? They rock!

I just got a copy of the new SwampDonky CD!
#swampdonkey #swamp donkey #swamp donky #rock band #hard rock
by Van Huxley May 13, 2009
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