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An expression used to describe an individual that is extremely well-dressed, or has a ludicrous amount of swag.
"Man, he's so well-dressed today it's as if someone fired a swag cannon at him."
by JustinSxE December 10, 2011
swag cannon (noun); a person with an explosive amount of swag flowing through their blood. their swag is on such an incredible level that only few people in the world may have the nickname of the "Swag Cannon." Swag Cannons are always on beast mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. people bow down to his swag.

OG Swag Cannon: Angel Bacani
-hey paige, do you know angel bacani?
-you mean swag cannon? yeah?
-yeah, hes got so much swag.
by filipino twin tower August 05, 2010
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