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1. A widely known german name.

2. That guy from those commercials that wears the biege sweaters.

If you happen to meet one, prepare to be laughing eternally. Sven is someone who is constantly singing, laughing, and secretly talking about you behind your back...and to your face.

Also, Sven is someone you should SEX.
Sven just cunt-punched that chick wearing the same sweater as him.

I was thinking I'd stop at my locker, RAPE SVEN, go to biology...

by ScreamSilently February 20, 2009
Sven is the most amazing person you'll ever meet. He's sweet as hell and also half swiss. Can also be a total asshole when he wants to and when he's defending his best friend or his crush. If you're his friend, you're the luckiest person on Earth,
Sven is the most amazing person ever!
by carbon_copy July 14, 2014
1) A great godly strong funny cool hidden alien person, who shows his alienness by outing weird behaviour, normally well accepted ass funny, by haters seen as attention-attractingly annoying behaviour. He is funny, friendly helping and cool. He is great at freestyle-sports, usually because of lack of fear. He loves sports and this results in a great body. Very social and popular by many kinds of people in many environments. Kind of a player but a great lover. Loved Or hated by girls. He has an "overwhelming" personality.

2) Male name from old norse origin, originally meaning brave boy or brave warrior.
Ex: That guy is such a wimp, I wished he was more like Sven.
You have the hottest boyfriend! He's totally a Sven.
by alex1 June 27, 2012
Sven is a name you call somebody who has a huge ammount of chest hair.
Wes: Hey i hear that dude punching walls over there has an a disgustingly inhuman amount of chest hair.
Fish: That guy is what my priest calls Svesus
Nick: Dude thats a Sven
by NotShwesley March 18, 2009
Male virgin
no sex for ben rama (sven)
by -bobmob- August 22, 2008
a word to discribe how pathetic one persone can be.

"that guy is such a sven."

"Man he screwed up bad, what a sven"
by PAPES/////>>>>> March 23, 2009
An extremely large person (i.e. anyone who weighs over 5000 pounds)
I was walking down the street and I saw a sven, he was huge.
by Klaus the Clown June 25, 2006