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Suzie Chan is a stereotype for that Asian girl in your class.

Here are the few trademarked qualities of a Suzie Chan:

Her actual name is so impronounceable that she had it shorten to Suzie, Jean, or some other type of American name that isn't used anymore.

Her hand is so perfect that it looks like a type of computer font.

When driving, she manages to cause a traffic accident even though she is parked.

In Spanish class, her Spanish is better than her everyday English.

She gets better grades than you in everything. Even in driving school.

Her English is so botched, yet she manages to get a better English grade than you or any other native speaker.

Her mom and dad are both doctors and both lawyers.

Has Hello Kitty everything.

She wears a face mask and latex gloves to go driving.

Suzie Chan got a perfect on her BAR and MCATs

If you see Suzie Chan in your rear view mirror, start praying to God.
by April 27, 2006
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