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A very beautful girl. Very atractive in everyway imaginable. Genraly falls for guys named Travis Shes extrememly fun to be around. Suzette is a very lovable person. I love her to death. She has me speechless. I could go on and on all day about the love of my life.
I hope shes suzette
by $JOKER$ March 07, 2009
lovely unsual name and not common. It is of french origin and the meaning is a lovely flower the Lily. What more could a girl ask for than to be named Suzette
Suzette is as refreshing as a lily in spring.
by lily valley March 02, 2010
The most amazingly beautifully fabulously stunning girl I have met in my life, and probably ever will. Suzette is a stunning name for a stunning girl who is lovely and funny, and would do almost anything to help out anyone else. Suzette is a beautiful name that should not be as rare as it is.

Suzette is beautiful girl with a stunning smile and a huge heart, who is most likely the best company around, and the greatest person your ever likely to meet.
Person one: hey, did you see Suzette today?
Person two: yeah i did. Isn't she just stunningly beautiful.
by AidosTringo October 27, 2013