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Tea maker

Back in ancient china a japanese import horse was injured while drifting, the man owning the horse left this horse on somebodys land so that the owners of that land would care for the injured horse and feed it and himself left to go elsewhere (rumours state to the village of mum-bles)

Two weeks later he returned to collect his horse, the owners of the land were infuriated and demanded an answer for the mans actions leaving an injured japanese horse on their land without asking permission...the man laughed as he retrived his horse, so the the land owners branded him as 'suwai the teamaker' where he would remain for the foreseeable future making and serving tea.
wish suwai was here, i need a cup of tea
by Suwai August 10, 2010
Suwai: An ancient Chinese tea producer. Suwai's tea making ability has been passed down through generations of his family, and they still up hold the tradition to this very day.
1. " Suwai make a cupper"
2. " Two sugars please Suwai"
3. " Where's suwai when u need a cup of tea"
by Bobby_london August 10, 2010
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