Satan's Utility Vehicle. Nothing more than an irresponsible, gaz-guzzling, status symbol bought and operated by sexualty frustrated housewives, trophywives and suburban soccer moms who think they own the road and believe it requires a 3-ton monstrocity to haul 2 kids to practice while their cheating, corporate executive husbands are off banging their secretary. An SUV can often be seen occupying two parking spaces so it won't be hit by another "inferior" vehicle.
An SUV is an absolutely worthless, irresponsible automobile that does nothing but serve as a status cymbol to show off your money to others as if we care how much money you have. All SUVS are incredibly irresponsible to the environment and should be outlawed.
by krock1dk March 24, 2008
A soccer mom's favorite mode of transportation. Everyone who drives one probably has a little penis or small boobs, except for people who go off-roading, and people who live in Michigan and Minnesota who need 4 wheel drive.
Michigan Resident: My suv keeps me safe in the winter
Off-roader: I use my suv to go off roading
Soccer Mom: My suv guzzles gas and cuts off people.
replacement minivan for soccer moms
by Anonymous June 28, 2003
Freak-magnet, the most crappy department ever!
-Where do ya work cracka?
-In SUV..
-Oh crap, you're f....!
by faulkner__ April 26, 2007
Acronym for Sports Utility Vehicle, an expensive kind of car usually made by Detroit that gets really crappy gas mileage (<20). In a head-on collision, SUVs sometimes run over the hoods of cars and can seriously mess up the other driver/passenger, due to their front grate thing (not sure what it is) pushing the other car under and lifting the SUV on top of the other car.
SUVs have a high center of gravity, so a sharp turn will flip it and if you unfortunately land on the gas tank, the car may blow up.
by siliconrex July 19, 2006
Government codename for the failed attempt to create a cool suburban car.
SUVs were originally designed for off-road driving or tugging heavy equipment, such as boats, but now they are basically minivans in disguise.
by Rodney Basil April 05, 2004
The Lacrosse Mom-mobile.
Lacrosse is to SUV as Soccer is to Minivan. Put that on your SAT test.
by j May 04, 2004
Sex Utility Vehicle: When someone's car, truck, or even SUV is actually often used simply as a mobile sex bed.

When the most offroading a vehicle will go is into a ditch or boondocks so that the driver and passenger may engage in sex play.

A semi-discreet way of telling parents the truth of what you are going to do Friday when you give your "friend" a ride in your SUV.

A SexUV.
"Nicole is coming by to pick me up and give me a ride in her SUV."

by ~Ace_of_Spades~ March 05, 2009
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