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Satan's Utility Vehicle. Nothing more than an irresponsible, gaz-guzzling, status symbol bought and operated by sexualty frustrated housewives, trophywives and suburban soccer moms who think they own the road and believe it requires a 3-ton monstrocity to haul 2 kids to practice while their cheating, corporate executive husbands are off banging their secretary. An SUV can often be seen occupying two parking spaces so it won't be hit by another "inferior" vehicle.
An SUV is an absolutely worthless, irresponsible automobile that does nothing but serve as a status cymbol to show off your money to others as if we care how much money you have. All SUVS are incredibly irresponsible to the environment and should be outlawed.
by krock1dk March 24, 2008
An over size gas guzzler sherman tank utility vehicle owned by suburban retards that need to feel big .The suv is more of a vehicle of living up to a lifestyle and being trendy.The type of people that own these vehicles have to keep up with the Jones.These vehicles are owned among soccer moms that need a gas guzzler sherman tank to haul rugrat brats to soccer practice,go to pta meetings or a grocery getter.It does not make sense to have an offroad 3 ton 4 wheel drive vehicle that drive on asphalt roads majority of its life.It does not snow year round.Most suvs won't hit the dirt road or the mud pit. Most of the oversize suvs get terrible fuel milage of 13 mpg in city and 18 mpg in highway.Suvs have became ugly boxy vehicles that have no character that is lame as the owner. You are what you drive.If suvs would be eliminated the roads wouldn't be as cluttered,would conserve on fuel and would be alot of cooler vehicles on the road.
Sherman tank gas guzzler utility vehicle -suv
soccer utilty vehicle-suv
supersize utility vehicle-suv
suburban urban vanity - suv
by musclecar man November 11, 2009
stands for:



lets ride in my mom's SUV
by arturomuhfuckinbedolla January 16, 2012
suv: to have sex make love do the dirty
baby why dont you just come over for 45 minutes so we can suv
i suved that jivel last night
by James Riney April 07, 2007
straight up virgin. never done anything sexuall
Alex is a suv, fuck
by emily32222 May 25, 2010
Slightly used vacuum.
Can I borrow your SUV?
Its not brand-new but sure.
by bob joey January 10, 2007
A stylish and practical car best suited for driving around the suburbs. Originally aimed at real 'off roading' they now provide the answer to a person so vain and selfish they'd rather drive a two tonne truck-car then risk being seen in a 'daggy' sedan. Unconcerned with actual driveability, safety or fuel economy an suv can be the answer to a debt burdened suburbanite provideing all the image desired. A real suv driver never travels off road and those who do take the car off the road should really stop trying to live up to the sad image portrayed at the dealership and get a life!
the suv a wonderful car that should be enjoyed by all...except the sad ones actually wanting to take it on the dirt go join the army or something
by one smart blonde January 28, 2007
a vehicle that Senator Jean-Luc Kerry owns but denies like a mother fucker. Fucking phony bastard!
Everybody sing, "SUV, oh SUV, oh how I love my SUV" Hey, lets go fill up, it's an ozone action day dontcha know!
by Mr Fossil Fuel September 11, 2004