Verb. To have sexual intercourse with a female in the doggy style position while sufficiently checking yourself out in the mirror and being an alpha male. Easier accomplished by flexing one's bicep and pointing to oneself in the mirror and if the song "Sussudio" by Phil Collin's is playing in the background. Made famous in the movie "American Psycho".
"Dude, I got caught sussudioing this girl I've been hooking up with and now she wont return my calls."
by apartment67 August 18, 2011
Top Definition
a girl who a guy thinks about alot, but seems to be inaccessable. From the Phil Collins hit "Sussudio", which reached Number One in the U.S. and Canada.
The Little Red Haired Girl is Charlie Brown's Sussudio.
Su - Sussudio. Oh-hoh-hoh. Oh-oh!
by California Sun June 18, 2006
It means 'sex in a studio,right now,cuz you're sooo fit?'
"And then i say the word, su-su-ssudio"

"Oh it's so nice to fuck you two bitches while listening to Phil Collin's Sussudio, oh btw. DON'T TOUCH THE WATCH!"
by Mike January 09, 2005
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