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Sushil's who are also women are eccentric geniuses who are rarely understood (even by those who love them.) Sushil's are usually gorgeous but never by the usual societal standards. They are creative, spritual and do great coversation over coffee. They have a biting wit that can turn ugly when triggered by the willfully stupid. Sushil's would make excellent politicians if they had the requisite diplomacy and could stomach other politicians. As it is, they make excellent managers and team builders because they genuinely like people - they just dont usually like to spend alot of time with them. They prefer their gardens and foreign films. Sushil's are reputed to be the best kissers in the world.
I love my job, I even like my weird boss. She is a total Sushil.

If only one could accept their inner Sushil they could save thousands on therapy.
by Jennifer Anon February 05, 2010

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