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a typical lunch menu for a democrat.
I banged sushi last night!
by tommyjjj August 28, 2008
4 24
1) To break up with somebody

2) To fuck somebody like a wild animal
Person 1: "I think it's time we sushi'd"

Person 2: "YAY!!!!"

Person 1: "No i meant the other way"

Person 2: Damn
by The spies May 22, 2009
5 26
Other than a delicious asian cuisine that has taken America by storm, Sushi is also more than 1/4 cup of semen produced in one ejaculation.
Jenna - I went down into Philly and got some of the best sushi I ever had in Chinatown.
Mel - Thats GROSS!!!
Jenna - What can I say... Asians ROCK!!!
by OopsIDidItAgain2010 January 27, 2009
6 28
Various usages. Can be used as an exclamation, indicating surprise or disgust, but it can also be used as an adjective meaning completely or fully.
"That guy started dating that girl before I did. Sushi!"

"I got crush sushi'd yesterday at that party on the west side with some of my co-workers."
by Will1234 May 16, 2008
9 31
An Assassin Cross who plays on International Ragnarok Online on the Chaos server. Word is also commonly used to describe the act of not breaking an Emperium during a hostage scenario in War of Emperium.
Verb forms:

We are Sushi-ing the emp.
Did you Sushi the emp?
He Sushied the emp.
by Friends of Emperiums February 27, 2007
2 24
Asian pussy
Jerry: I had a Sushi last night.
Hank: Oh ye. How was it?
Jerry: She was screaming too hard, so I killed her and had to buried her.
Hank: oh... ok..
by Towej2rd August 31, 2008
14 38
threesome , sex with three or more people
"the sushi last night with those two girls was AMAZING"
by COOKIEKAKE July 10, 2008
8 37