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Contrary to the popular belief that a sushi poon is just a fishy pussy, it is also in fact, a slightly overweight girl who attempts to take advantage of (rape) drunk guys while she is sober or intoxicated. These kinds of girls can be very hard to detect because generally they are very nice and friendly until they make their move
careful man that chick is a total sushi poon... shes gonna rape your ass later wit that strap on
by Tpain00420 January 05, 2009

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a vulva emanating a fish-like odor, often the result of poor hygiene. Most often apparent after the sushipoon's owner has exposed her vulva rot either in a public restroom (or close to your face), allowing the scent to assault the nostrils of those unfortunate enough to be nearby.
Erin walked into a recently used bathroom stall, and was assaulted by the overripe scent of the previous skank's sushipoon.
by mmmboyes March 05, 2010