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A law with corollaries outlining the Murphy's Law of Surfing:

When you are paddling out to the take off zone, there will inevitably be a huge set of waves that breaks on your head and insures that you will be exhausted and demoralized.

First Corollary of Surfy's Law: When you finally make it to the line-up after paddling through a set, there will be no sets of waves breaking that you can catch or ride.

Second Corollary of Surfy's Law: When you do take off on a wave and ride it to the inside, there will be another set that arises to impede your paddle out to the line-up.
"Dude, I got worked by six mackin' double overhead freight trains on my paddle out. It was like total enforcement of Surfy's Law!"
by WordSurfer January 14, 2013

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