Gang. The Group has a very close allegiance to the California Mexican Mafia and Arizona's Old Mexican Mafia. The Group is currently has extreme conflicts with the New Mexican Mafia. Membership is on the increase. Extremely disruptive to safe, secure and orderly Prison Operations.
by VAKI5 November 02, 2003
Top Definition
Sureños (Spanish for "Southerners") are a group of Mexican American street gangs with origins in the oldest barrios of Southern California. There are hundreds of Sureño gangs in California, and each has its own identity on the streets. Although they are based in Southern California, their influence has spread to various parts of the U.S. and other countries as well. The term “sureños” describes gangs professing allegiance to a gang set in southern California. The term was first used in the 1970s as a result of a California prison war between the Mexican Mafia (La EME) and Nuestra Familia (NF). This war resulted in a territorial division between gang members from northern California (norteños = northerners) who aligned with NF, and those from southern California (sureños = southerners) aligned with La EME.
Sureños emblems and clothing are based on the color blue. A typical Sureño outfit might include, blue, silver, and white and their favorite sports team apparel that shows their affiliation. Sureños use the number 13 in tattoos and graffiti. It is sometimes written as "X3” or in Roman numerals as "XIII" (Sur13 or Sur XIII). Some Sureños will tattoo themselves with three dots. Sureños derogatorily refers to a Norteño as a "Buster" or "Chap" (Chapete).
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ December 28, 2009
the surenos meaning "southerners" are a mexican california gang with strong allegience with the mexican mafia. Thier main enemies are the nortenos. they wear blue and go under the number 13, they can be found in LA and a small number can be found in places like oakland. they have clashed with bloods and crips.
surenos are strong with the mexican mafia
by knowledgeman8901 September 30, 2009
Latin American streetgang in California. Primarily Mexican, but not exlusively. The word 'Surenos' is Spanish for 'Southerners'. They are spread all over the state of California but concentrated particularly in Los Angeles. Their gang colour is blue, and they also use the number 13 to identify themselves. Members commonly have a three dots tattoo. They are bitter enemies with the Norenos, and also have clashes with Bloods and Crips.
Ey ese, don't fuck with him - he's in la eme holmes, los Surenos.
by P-Loc September 04, 2006
any down ass vato representing that true blue colors Surside 3CE and making them lame busters bow down to the 3CE or put 1 to the chest and 3 to the motherfucking head
if your a buster and you dare to walk out in a sureno barrio let it e known your ass aint gettin out of there alive.
by southsiders delight March 10, 2005
Surenos is latinos that were born in the south, But most latin and mexican gangs say is southern cholos
Esay from south cali
by Erick Mendez February 14, 2005
Sureno or Surena is a member of any Southern California Latin gang that has proven him or herself to the "big homie" in State or Federal Prison by the means of slicing, stabbing, choking, beating, smashing, etc etc one of the listed: no good piece of shit, snitch, rapist, child molester, buster, tinto (blacks), etc etc. It is a great honor to be considered a Sureno/Surena for a Latin gang member and they'll often have it tattooed once he or she get's back to GP yard or somewhere they have access to a tattoo machine.
"Ay, that homie Volture is a down ass Sureno... did you see him slicing that buster's neck right below the tower???"
by RBixby April 21, 2006
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