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The supreme biddy troll is the mother of all biddies. Born of the dreaded Grendel of old, the supreme biddy troll has terrorized the countryside for centuries now. Although her age is unknown, people speculate (based upon her grime buildup, wrinkly skin, and overall repulsive appearance) that she is over 700 years old.
You may ask what characterizes a biddy? Well, a biddy is often referred to as a cantankerous, fussy old woman, typically of lower class. Being a supreme biddy troll however, implies much more stress on the negative characteristics. A biddy troll always has red hair, as all trolls do. Usually short in stature, they tend to compensate for their shortness by growing beards, belching, drinking excessive amounts of beer to form a beer gut, or bulking up and bullying others. Essentially, they try to imitate a Duffy-like lifestyle. Being a biddy troll, she can typically be found in a cave or outhouse, but oftentimes she comes into the open to feed. The supreme biddy troll symbolizes the plague of parties, the destruction of all that is good in womanhood, and the death of virtue in the world. She is the plight of nations and an enemy to all. If you fear she is coming, it is too late. Despair is all you have.

P.s. Ginger by nature, she has no soul.
"Flee for your lives before the supreme biddy troll comes and eats your soul!!!"
by nmlaxbro91 October 03, 2011
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