Toyota's greatest achievement, the Supra remains one of the hottest and most beloved import sports cars of all time.
Beginning life in 1981, the Supra was born as the Celica Supra: a high performance and sportier derivative of Toyota's Celica liftback. It contined to share the Celica name until 1986.5, when the name split and Supra became a car of it's own.
Along with cosmetic re-designing and a new chassis, the 1986 Supra was equiped with Toyota's 7mge engine, producing about 200hp. But in 1987, the Supra turbo hit the streets, with Toyota's 230hp 7mgte. Options available were TEMS suspension system, a limited slip differential and headlight washers. Also available was a sunroof option or removable targa top.
1989 saw the arrival of the Supra GT, with the twin turbo 1ggte engine, however lower hp ratings due to a smaller displacement.
May 1993 was the date of Toyota's newly re-designed Supra, combining power and luxury. Early models were equiped with 1jzge or 1jzgte engines, but it was the 2jz that imortalized Supra's title as the most powerful stock import sports cars to ever be sold in the US. At 320 hp, it's top speed was governed at 155 mhp...however earlier track tests prior to it's release had the Supra running at speeds excess of 180 mhp.
1998 was the last year for the Supra in the US, due to the increasing demand for SUVs instead of sports cars.
Supra belongs to the high end group of japanese sports cars, such as the Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi 3000GT and the Nissan Skyline GTR. It is Supra and Skyline that are always competeing for the #1 ranking, however neither one can seem to out-do the other.
It is rumored that Supra is scheduled for return...
"That damn Supra just raped that Honda on the 1000km run." or "Holy shit! That Supra just flattened my dog!"
by SupraCharlie August 22, 2004
Amazing, astonishing, awe-inspiring, awesome, exciting, hair-raising, heart-stirring, impressive, magnificent, moving, overwhelming, spine-tingling, stunning, thrilling speed machine.
Maaan! Why you be messin' yaw pants?

'Cause I just been in tha passenger seat of one of dem Supras.
by Oz March 09, 2003
1. A condom from Trojan. It is a special type of condom with a special type of lubricant, which is Spermicidal Lubricant. The Spermicidal Lubricant is for extra protection against pregancy. However, the Supra is not suitable for rectal use or multiple vaginal use, you can use it for the vagina only ONCE A DAY. So this condom is for people who like to have short sex.

2. A car from Toyota, which is powered by a Twin Turbocharged Inline-6 Engine(MKIV) producing around 325 horsepower.
1. My girlfriend said she wants to have short sex, so I bought a pack of Trojan Supra condoms. If she wanted to have long sex, I would have bought Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms.

2. I saw a Supra in Detroit today. It was loud.
by Jordan Stevens June 05, 2006
Awesome cars with not only performance but luxury. People who diss are usually envious of those who drive them. They either don't have the money or skill to handle one of these cars. This is true of future-Volvo-driving-John "10 times" HG. He would like others to have $200 crappy brown volvos like the car he will own.
Wow John will never afford a Supra in his entire life, dat's why he must be jealous.

Yeah but he wouldn't be able to handle the power anyways.

by Speak-only-da-truth April 03, 2003
Rice burner? Jap crap? I think not! After 28 years of being a Ford man, my blood boiled as I hopped in a 1987 MA70 stock standard Supra. Sure, Toyota has made their fair share of terrible cars - so has every other car company. Hop in a stock standard car from any company and it's usually horrible compared to your weekend drive. Hop in that companies version of a supercar / muscle car/ sports car & you will usually be impressed. Each to their own though, no car is the same which is why there will NEVER be a winner. Chose your weapon, mine is a Supra & that's the way I like it. Don't hate me for it, just appreciate the fact that there are cars out there willing to "challenge" you on the road. Without it, you would all be driving the same cars with the same features and stock engines. Boring!
1987 MA70 stock standard Supra. Plant your foot and feel the vibrations from the in-line 6cyl. From the front it looks like a bloody wedge tail eagle!
by Willz1981 December 09, 2009
Car produced by toyota.
twin turbo 4th generation version pulls 320 horsepower and 315 lb/ft of torque unmodified

N/A 4th generation pulls 220 horsepower and 210 lb/ft of torque unmodified

stock Twin turbo 1/4 mile times: 13.1 seconds
stock twin turbo 0-60mph time: 4.6 seconds

0.95 lateral g's on skidpad
149 feet stopping distance

one of toyota's halo cars

no longer in production
Lexus ISF is toyota's only current high-performance vehicle
Back in 1997, you could buy a Supra Mark IV at the dealership, and they're pretty good for their money
by RetfirDMX February 14, 2009
1.) Six cylinder turbocharged car made by Toyota. Extremely well engineered, with phenominal Horsepower/Liter ratings. No longer sold in the United States. Surpasses many American cars, being beaten only by high-end production cars and highly modified sports cars.
JimmieBob: Supras suck, for they are Japanese.

AzNpRyDe: AWW NAWWW!!11!!!! SUPRAZ r0x0rZ j00r b0x0rZ!!!!

Manawski: True, a Supra could beat a Yugo, but not a Viper 800TT.
by Manawski February 27, 2003
A rear wheel drive sports car made by Toyota, There were four generations of Supra produced, The most famous version of the Supra is the fourth generation. From the factory, Fourth generation Supra's were fast cars in their time, and were produced with overbuilt 3.0 litre inline six motors in Twin turbocharged and Naturally aspirated forms. Although, The fourth generation Supra's are potentially fast cars, The majority of modified fourth generation Supra's are owned by rich retards with more money than brains and normally produce mass amounts of power and the majority of which can't actually be put to the ground to make itself usefull. Though, Not to say Supra's can't be fast cars, Just that the majority of them are built to be dynoed and not actually raced. Unfortunately though, Fourth generation Supra's are immensly overhyped on the internet by twelve year old ricers who can't actually drive themselves.
Yo dude. Supras r fukin sick dude. nothing else can fukin compare man, when i grow up, im gona have a twin turbo supra with nos!.

Dat Car is fuken gay, It dident beat dat Supra, the Supra wasent even fukin tryin.

"Whats the difference between a 400 horsepower Supra and an 800 horsepower Supra?, Nothing, They both run 12's"
by Fujifilm May 21, 2007
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