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Supersexual is the term I use for mostly straight men and women who value sex for its own sake and are always seeking new ways to express themselves. If you are supersexual, you have probably had a wide variety of heterosexual fantasies or experiences. But your sexual interests are not confined to the straight and narrow. You might refer to yourself as freaky, straight-plus, polysexual, or try-sexual. Several studies suggest that men and women who have sex with both genders tend to have more partners altogether, possibly reflecting the stronger and less discriminating (in terms of gender) sex drive of people in this category.

You differ from heteroflexible men and women primarily in the degree to which you are adventurous and actively seeking out new sexual experiences. Novelty itself is arousing to you, and you push the boundaries. When you are horny, you seek relief wherever it can be found.
I'm a supersexual, ill try anything with almost anyone
by Goldengirlxxx October 19, 2013
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A supersexual is a woman who takes care of her self, with regualar manicures, pedicicures, body waxing, scheduled facials, hair, cut, color, style. A supersexusal Likes to induldge in frequent message, trips to the spa. Just because she enjoys these things for herself. A Woman who dresses well to please herelf. Who is hetrosexual and likes to be admired by others.
A Woman who does not think hygine is only for matters concerning the bathroom. A Supersexual Woman thinks that Supersexual hygine is part of daily living.
by GLF April 26, 2006
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When one is so homosexual that he is heterosexual.
Wow, Fernando is so gay that hes straight, hes supersexual!
by Chad Harrington November 05, 2006
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