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A Kickass show on adult swim. Bloody, Violent, on the edge of insane but whitty and fluid animation that makes you love it.
"Hey i watched superjail yesterday"
"Yeah that show rocks"
by Jester1892 January 14, 2009
This really insanely animated show on adult swim that is so cracked out that it makes you want to throw up but you can't stop watching becuase its so crazy. A crazy warden owns a jail world that never ceases to gross you out. You will see things the human mind should never think of.

Catch it sundays at 12:15 on Cartoon Network's very own Adult Swim

Creators: Christy Karacas & Stephen
Voice of: Stephen Warbrick
Dude: "Did you see Super Jail last night?"
dude two: "Yeah i didn't know if i was going to shit my pants or puke."
Dude one: "Yeah, the creator must be on some serious acid."

by TrishaEffinTreat December 23, 2008
A 15-minute cartoon that airs on Adult Swim on Sunday nights at midnight. Known for its crude humor and psychedelic animation, the show takes place in a massive prison inside of a volcano in an alternate time zone. Some characters include The Warden, Jared, Alice, Jackknife, and The Twins. People have compared the visuals of the show to Dr. Seuss books and The Warden to a psychotic Willy Wonka.
Dude, did you watch Superjail! last night?

Yeah man! Fuckin love that show! Especially when I'm high!
by James Franco 2 August 11, 2011
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