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1. To hug especially meaningfully, or for an extended period of time but in a completely non-sexual way, so as to convey a sense of care for the person being hugged, rather than just a normal one-second "hello" or "goodbye" hug.

2. To hug through the Super-Poke Facebook application.
Paul: I'm really going to miss Emma.
Vernon: Did you give her a hug goodbye?
Paul: Yeah, we superhugged.
by WesleyIII October 11, 2008
an extreme expression of affection or happiness involving grabbing the victim with outstretched arms and hugging them tightly while lifting them off the ground, tackling them to the ground, or, if in a sitting position, pushing them over.
I just gave him a SUPER HUG because he's ridiculously awesome.
by CiCi324 May 02, 2010
to ambush someone with said plans of hugging but the hidden intention of pelvic thrusting 5 seconds afterwords
Lyn was going away so we gave her a treat in the form of a superhug
by TOASTERMONK July 02, 2008
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